Thursday, April 19, 2018


I am learning from this book that if there’s someone in your family that has been beating on any of your family members u need to get help fast. Because not one should get beat by any means. I find this interesting because I know people that used to get beaten and it was very heartbreaking because no one wants to see anyone getting beaten definitely in your own family. One day me and my dad was sitting down talking and he was telling me about they had a family get together and his mother was outback while he was in the kitchen getting something to eat and he was gonna fix his mom a plait so he asked everyone where his mom was and they said around back so he went around back and my cousin brought her boyfriend over and while my dad went around the house to find his mom and he seen is cousins boyfriend putting his hand on his mother so he had to step in and do something about it because no one wants to see anyone putting there hands on their mother. I really like the book because he shows me not to be afraid it my father  puts his hands on my mother and it shows that there are family members out there putting there hands on someone in there family and there's people in the family that is standing up for their mother no matter if they get it they will always stand up for their mother or father of anyone in there family.

Work Cited Langan, Paul. Search for Safety. 2007.


I can’t relate Search for Safety to my life. But I use to like with my Aunt for the longest then got with my parents and if wasn't the same because it was a new home and I didn't know the house inside and out nor did I know what school i'm going to. To me that's the worst part about moving to a new house in a didn't area because when its time for school your that new kid everyone looks at and is judging by first look. It takes some time to get friends but when you get friends then you start to fit in a little bit better. What I would do when i'm the new kid I would just wait back and do my own thing for a couple of days then let people introduce there self's to me because i would be nervous at first if i was going to walk up to you and start a conversation. If I ever found out my dad put his hands on a woman I would go off because that's just not right for a man to do that. Even though I know my dad would never to that because he use to tell me stories about his mom and dad on how he was raised and if he got in trouble in wouldn't end pretty and my dad when he was young all he did was help mainly him mom and he stayed by her side and back in the day there was a insodent that a man put his hands on his mom and a physical way so he had to step in a take action so I just thank a man should never even thing about putting there hands on a woman in a physical way EVER!!!!!

Work Cited Langan, Paul. Search for Safety. 2007.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

point of view

Hi my name is Ben and i'm going to tell you about my mean step dad . One day me and my mom was staying with my Aunt Fay because we didn't have no where to life until my mom came up with enough money for us to get are own place. My mom came through the door while we was eating dinner and announced that her and Larry her boyfriend was getting married and my Aunt said “ but you have only been seeing him for a few months and everyone in the house said y'all are going way to fast. I really didn't like Larry because every time he came around the only time he would say something to me or shake my hand is if my mother was looking I really don't like him because I heard my mom and Aunt in the kitchen talking about all the stuff he use to do and my mom kept saying well that was in the past. Then one day my mom told me we was going to move in with him in two weeks because Larry told mom he thought it was the best thing to do. Two weeks later we started to pack and Larry had his friends over to help us back but they was just throwing are stuff in the back of a truck while we was following them down the road to are new house as soon as we arrived I walked into the house and Larry told me i could have the third floor so I rushed up there to check it out as soon as I got up there I look in the room and there was drown water leaks on the culling and holes in the walls it was just a mess and I found out I had to go to a different school and I wouldn't know anyone there. Well at the end of the day I've finished unpacking and Larry came in my room tell me sometimes me and your mom are going to want to come home and there will be no kids here OK and I said “this is my house to so you cant make all the rules and he hit me in my lip and it was bleeding and he was kicking my in my ribs and I couldn't breath and all I wanted to do was cry but I was holding my tears back and from that day forward I was a scared of him and I knew my mom was too and I seen marks on my mother that isn't so-post to be there and so I had to do something I  just couldn't sit there and watch my mom and me get beat but this mean man.

Work Cited Langan, Paul. Search for Safety. 2007.